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Our products

Our unique range and service offering aim to give you comfort and ease in furnishing and decorating your space. Our carefully designed products are functional, flexible, and neutral, creating harmony within your space and precious collectables. We provide a locally made artisanal range with unquestionable quality standards and value for money and we strive for continuous improvement. We predominately work with natural wood, engineered board and various types of steel. A well-informed purchasing decision can add years of enjoyment and satisfaction to your life. We are happy to provide you with information about the quality, craftmanship and construction details of our products to ensure long-lasting satisfaction. 

Assembly & Construction

We take great care when we design our furniture pieces to understand how it will fit into the space it is designed for. We deeply consider full functionality of our pieces and produce items of décor & furniture that serve multiple purposes.

We believe in reducing costs and saving our customers time and money. A big part of the cost of a furniture purchase is transport and storage of bulky items. Our designers look for ways to reduce this by designing items that can be easily assembled and parts that be easily attached. Our focus is on creating an easy, functional, simple to understand assembly processes that produces an assembled an item that is strong, stable, and balanced.

We never substitute strength and stability for ease of packaging and transport. All our products must have both – they must be packaged smartly for ease of transport, storage, and delivery BUT also easy to assemble to be strong and stable.

Brand Stamp and Mark

KusudiCo products carry our brand stamp or a marking as a quality assurance. Look out for touches of creativity, signature finishes or added value functionality that are used to give our products personality and depth of character. We pride ourselves on the creativity of our designers and manufactures, and their ability to originate individuality even in the most basic of products.